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Making A Difference, Inc. is a community focused organization that promotes the many positive things happening in the urban areas of the city. MAD provides events such as health fairs and wellness clinics to educate citizens on the importance of taking care of themselves and the resources available to them. MAD also provides events such as basketball camps, father focused clinics 
and leadership meetings.
​Making A Difference, Inc.
strongly encourages entrepreneurship within
the community and
educates others on
the strength of
working together for
the ​common good. 

Join Us on Our Journey

Making a Difference, Inc. (MAD) serves as a vehicle to expand upon the foundation of community service established by its founder and President Albert Edmonson.  MAD focuses on expanding awareness regarding key to Columbus’ undeserved communities in the areas of health disparities, youth mentorship, strengthening of the family unit and providing educational resources to school age children. 

• Up Lifting

• Positive

• Pro-Active

• Empowering

Mission Statement

Making A Difference, Inc. is open
to partnering with any individual or organization that desires to help the community grow.  If you would like to volunteer or would like to put an ad in our quarterly newsletter "Moving Forward" please contact
​Al Edmonson at 614.253.1880.